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2017-01-11 04:13:07

Every once in a while I happen to come across some good suggestions by someone, let's call them life-recommendations or something. Very often it's just pure self-help bs, but every once in a while there are some pearls. Anyhow, here are some of the latest good points I have read.

  • The world likes ignorant people. Don't be one. It's a lot easier to rip off ignorant people, by banks, by sales people, by everyone else.
  • School doesn't make you educated. Don't get me wrong, you definitely should go to school and why not take a Masters degree on the way, but don't assume that everything you hear is correct or that the knowledge you get there is anywhere close to being enough. Study by yourself, all the time. Keep yourself updated.
  • Don't be self-effacing (shy), the world's not made for the shy, it makes the life easier to go-getters.
  • Spend your money on activities not things. A trip is always better than a new expensive watch.
  • Try to act kind of responsibly, but still think like there was no tomorrow. Do the craziest things today. Tomorrow you might not be up for it anymore.
  • Talk to people, old and young, people you know and people you yet don't. You gain knowledge, contacts, confidence.

Have fun living!

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