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In the old cold calling mindset, youre taught to focus on the sale and be completely confident that what youre offering is something the other person should buy.

Here are 3 common cold calling techniques that you should probably avoid:

Mistake #1: Center the conversation around yourself and what you have to offer

In the old approach, you introduce yourself, explain what you do, and suggest a benefit or feature of your product. And then you close your eyes and pray that the other person will be interested... continue reading

Do you know that you get 80% of your results from just 20% of your time and effort and consequently 80% of your time is virtually wasted on non produc...

Often, experienced businesspeople would preach that price competition is not the way to do business.

Scaffolding safety training is essential for all contractors as well as private builders.

There are numerous pointers on ways to improve your existence via online publicity.


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