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The Internet makes everything easier, including the human resources management. Or at least that would be the general idea. We have grown with the idea that the Internet helps by decreasing costs related to the recruitment and selection processes, by maki

The human resource management contains several basic steps that will be discussed further below:

1. Recruitment. Online recruitment means that you are able to access more data, faster and with better results. Here are some pointers to get you started in onli... continue reading

As in the case of online recruitment, the main objective of your process should be to obtain a maximum of results (a.k.a. the best employees for the p...

Research carried out by a label website has revealed that 20% of people have stolen something from where they work.

We get jobs so that we can maintain a certain life style, through the paychecks we get. But what if an employer makes us an offer for an even bigger p...

Telecommuting is generally understood as a practice by which the characteristics of the traditional workplace suffered modifications.

In a construction site, the project manager is the one that is the easiest to spot. He/she is the one who checks out the construction site to make sur...


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