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Canada's Seniors Outnumber Children

2019-01-23 05:25:32

While Canadians are busy ringing in the first days of 2019, it is easy to forget the milestones of previous years. For example, 2016 saw, for the first time since census reports began in 1871, that senior citizens outnumber children. This shift in demographics is not just some surprise occurrence. This shift has been predicted since the first days of the Baby Boomer trend. This spike in population combined with longer life expectancies and recent low fertility rates in working-age adults is ushering a new silver age for Canadians.

As the number of pension-aged Canadians grows, the rest of the country can expect to see senior-friendly trends and services. Industries like transportation, accessibility and health care will need to be made to accommodate a larger clientele with much different needs. The question of balancing age demographics is a big one and while it is being considered, provincial governments are focused on the best way to care for our seniors. If Canadians know how to do anything, it is adapt!

Senior populations are dispersed all over the country, but the highest concentrations are found in coastal areas. Businesses in Nova Scotia are finding it necessary to cater their services to an aged consumer. On the other side of the country, Vancouver Island is seeing the same increase in care. This shift in demographic has also created a vacuum for new areas of employment. A seized business opportunity can mean success in the local economy as well as a benefit to the elder members of the community.

In the past, there have not been many options for members of the 65+ club but recent years have provided all the tools to maintain independent housing or provide assisted living options. Home care agencies like Home Instead in Calgary provide necessary tasks to the senior community, such as medical supervision along with cooking and cleaning services. Practices like these allow retirees to maintain their homes while being comfortable and safe in their environment. Housing is a huge consideration while it comes to seniors. Through advances in technology, seniors can live independently longer - but it is not possible for everyone. For those that face mobility restrictions or are unsuited for living independently, there are other resources at hand. More and more senior living spaces are popping up all over the country, fostering a sense of community while encouraging safety and interaction.

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