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2017-01-11 03:30:29

We are living in a society where having a debt in one form or another is considered as normal as fresh air. However, in reality, in addition to the pressure it adds to our wallet, having big debts can unfortunately also cause us to die younger. Hmm, let me get this straight, did I actually just say that? It sounds like a really bad label on cigarette package...something like "smoking can lead to the amputation of your leg". Yes, it's an actual smoking label that based on research in EU, is one of the least effective anti-smoking labels.

And the fact that I compared it to my own statement that debts can cause you to die younger, should say enough.

However, such as smoking and leg amputation isn't a total bull, debts and dying younger isn't either. The fact is that having a debt can put a person under a constant pressure and such pressure can cause stress. And haven't we all heard that stress is a killer? Point proven. Obviously, you shouldn't take this induction too seriously, but you should understand that having debts can be a rather damaging problem and you should do everything possible to get rid of it.

Doing it all by yourself can often be overwhelming. So depending on your exact situation, getting professional help can be a good idea for you. One company that can make a difference, is InCharge Debt Solutions. They have been around for 14 years and have helped thousands of people struggling with debts - credit cards, mortgages, bankruptcies. They are a leading non-profit organization with A+ rating. And they have also just come out with Incharge Debt Solutions Videos to motivate their current and potential new customers get out of debt. See the videos below -

For over 14 years, InCharge's Certified Financial Counselors have helped thousands of people struggling with credit card debt, going through bankruptcy or facing foreclosure on their home.

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