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Enterprise Mobile Analytics: KidoZen

2017-01-11 03:37:11

Mobile analytics are vital in today's digital society. There are over a million apps available for a basic smartphone, ranging from on-the-go vacation planning and daily calorie counting, to stock market watching and the ability to turn your phone into a rotary dialer; there's an app for virtually anything and everything. Each and every one of these apps, no matter what they do, must be analyzed. KidoZen's enterprise mobile analytics helps you to gain new insights about the internal and operational behavior of your mobile applications. Enterprise mobile analytics allows you to see how your apps are being used, by type of device, operating system and carrier. This allows for you to fine-tune apps to cater to the preferences of users. Kidozen also integrates with industry-leading mobile applications monitoring platforms. Digital success for any app is driven by monitoring and updating based on such mobile analytics.

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