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It is all about getting passive and recurring income!

2017-01-11 04:07:33

Many people dream about getting rich quick. The truth is that making money requires effort. Unless you are willing to do something illegal (not recommended), you will have to work for your money. That's why getting wealthy is not an unreachable dream, but rather improbable for most people.

The price that must be paid is often too high and most people are not willing to pay it. That's why they shake their heads in disbelief when supposedly others "get so much and do so little." They cannot see the whole picture. Nothing worthy is ever free and the difference is not to work harder or to be smarter, the difference is based on what I am going to share with you bellow.

Ambition is good but greed is not. Snakes instinctively calculate how much time, energy and effort will take them to catch a prey and compare the hassle with the benefit. In other words they compare the risk vs. the reward before they "invest" anything on achieving their goal. Their purpose is very simple: to survive.

Your purpose is probably similar. You think that you need to make money, but what do you want the money for? Number one: to survive. Number two: to live a comfortable/luxurious life.

Then if some animals can do this instinctively, you sure can do the same and even more because you have reasoning abilities. Being rich is nice but it is not always the best thing for everyone. Let me explain . . .

Don't get me wrong. I define wealthy by modern standards. I read somewhere that based on today's standards a wealthy person/family is that one who makes one million or more per year. Of course some people would feel wealthy with much less than that, while other would need much more. I am one of those who feels wealthy with less than one million per year.

If you think about it though, these "statistics" are not too far from the truth. At the time I write this, one house costs on average 350 - 500 thousand dollars and an once of gold is priced at $650. You make your own math.

In the other hand I would say that chasing wealth is not the best thing for most people. I know you have to make money. I know you want to spend most of your time doing what you really enjoy. I know you may want to quick your job and retire already. I know more money may bring you the freedom that you may be desperate to get.

That's exactly why I say that you should not chase wealth. People often don't know exactly what they want. You may think that you want riches, but maybe you just want financial freedom. You may believe that wealth may bring you retirement, peace of mind, luxury, dignity, respect from others, comfort, freedom, joy, pleasurable environments.

I am sorry to tell you that it doesn't necessarily have to be like that. Wealth could bring you hatred from the people around you. It could bring you the envy of your family and friends. Struggles from people that want to steal your fortune. Lack of peace because you can't trust nobody. Fights with family members. Divorce, legal troubles and madness.

The sad part is that many people spend most of their lives trying to get wealthy and once they get it they say: "is that it?" Money should never be an end itself. The price to become wealthy may be higher than you think. It can leave you empty at the end.

That's why I want to show you a better way to do it. Believe it or not, this is what people are often looking for and they don't notice it. That thing is called: Financial Freedom!

It is as follows . . . You work whenever you want and however you want. You have different streams of income. So, if you stop earning money here, you are still earning money there. You work with company or alone if you want. You make money Online or Offline as you prefer. You make tens of thousands of dollars per month. You make enough to pay for a house cash within one year if you choose.

You work on average five hours per day, but you can work more or less if you want because you choose your own schedule. You do what you like. Work is more like a hobby for you. It is not a permanent hassle anymore. You have lots of free time to enjoy what you earn.

You are in a situation that if you work twice or three times harder than you are, then you know for sure that you will become wealthy, but you don't. You don't push the limits because you choose to take it easy and do what is really worthy.

You see you have choices, choices, choices all the time. So, you still have the choice to become rich, but you probably won't force it into happening once you understand what is truly worthy and that is: experiences.

You buy a brand new car today and tomorrow you get used to it. Then if you are only after material things you will need a better car next week to feel high again. Then you will probably want a yacht and then an airplane, without forgetting about the mansions of course.

Once you reach the top, you may realize that it wasn't there. Yes, what you was looking for wasn't there. That's because our senses get used to things too fast. We have a high adaptation ability, much higher than many other animals. It is important to have this quality in order to survive and evolve.

Then the secret is in the experiences. This means to change from one pleasurable thing to the other skipping most of the nonsense. In the long run this is what is going to contribute the most to your overall well being and happiness.

Focus on the intangible stuff. Meet people. Go out. Have fun. Travel a lot. Acquire knowledge. Diversify. Variety is the spice of life. At the end you will smile and say, honestly this is it.

Some people focus on doing/having something and once they get it, they need to do something else, and once they get it, they need to do something else and on, and on. The best path is to not try too hard to do something postponing your happiness for later, but to do everything today and diversify. That can be achieved mostly through Financial Freedom.

I have nothing against wealth nor wealthy people. The point is that I don't try to chase wealth anymore. Why work more and enjoy less if you live only once? The idea is to work less and enjoy more. For those who believe in reincarnation, would you try so hard to amass fortunes in this life if you have to come back within a few decades and do it all over again?

However you look at it, wealth is good, it is tasty, it is cool, but working diligently to attain financial freedom is better. It is worthy too and it is more achievable. The Universe, God, First Creator Cause, or whatever you believe in will look at you with good eyes. After all you will be doing the same thing that all living things are doing: trying to survive, live better, grow and evolve.

The way I see it is that most people honest or dishonest, legal or illegal, dumb or smart, have a hard time trying to chase wealth. I believe there is a missing element that they don't seem to perceive. It is luck. You need to be lucky too.

So, you can work hard and amass a large mountain of cash and gold, but material stuff probably won't bring you the happiness that you strive for. Remember about the experiences. Everything material will stay here. We won't be able to take it with us to the afterlife.

I perceive the situation this way . . . Most people work too much and get too little. If you have a job and you don't work for yourself, you have to produce more than what you earn, otherwise the company you work for will go bankrupt. Many employees feel exploited because of this. The solution is simple. Work for yourself.

This is another subject that I don't have time to discuss here, but if you read my other articles you can find ideas about how to start your own businesses. But what happen with most people. It simply comes the time when they are so frustrated that they get desperate to get rich quick. That's when they fall victim of scammers who run away with their money.

That's why I repeat: there are three levels of prosperity. Number one you have a good paying job. A job is a job no matter how you put it. Many people dream about being jobless and also able to pay the bills on time. But if you have a good paying job, you are on the first level of prosperity.

The second level is to be financially free. You will probably be working for yourself. You choose your own schedule. You make above average income and all the stuff that you previously read on this article. With most jobs you work a lot and get back peanuts. With financial freedom you take it easy and get back a lot. Still you will have to make an effort, but the difference is huge.

The third level is to be rich/wealthy. Nice. I think that everyone wants to be on this level (me included). The fact is though that to get here you need not only skills, but also some luck, patience, perseverance, dedication, discipline, etc. In fact many people won't even look at the price that must be paid. Honestly based on my point of view the holly grail of a "trouble free" lifestyle could be found easier on financial freedom lands than on very wealthy people lands.

Can you realize that most people who want to get rich quick lose their shirt? They lose their money, time, joy, etc. If you are poor, broke, middle class, a hard worker, your next level will be to become financially free. Once you get to the financial freedom lands you may realize that you don't even need to be extremely wealthy to be very happy. Because most of the things you thought that you would need to be happy, you won't need them anymore.

If you can purchase everything you need plus most of the things you want your mood will change for the better. If you can wake up whenever you want everyday and have hundreds of pleasurable experiences every month you will be joyous. Freedom of choice is one of the most important things in life. It is important that you don't be tied down to anybody nor anything. This can be achieved through financial freedom and multiple streams of income.

This article was written by back in 2006.

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