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Online Marketing Summit takes place Feb 11-13

2017-01-11 03:07:49

I have worked as an online entrepreneur for years, or actually, to think about it, it's more like a decade and some more. I've done it all - putting together the idea, creating the websites from scratch, finding the people to create the content or create the content myself, finding ways to market the site or people to help me with that, making sure I can earn as much as possible with the sites. So I'm not lying if I say I've done it all, and still doing it. While I can't claim that I've been too successful with any of it, I can honestly say that considering I've still not gotten myself a "real" job, I haven't done too bad either. Of course, I have always felt that if I did something like 5 times better, I'd be good. Well, yes...

Unfortunately, for that to happen, I need a miracle and those actually do happen every once in a while. A miracle is nothing else than a result of your own past actions that have made the occurrence of the miracle possible. Like they say, been there, done that. I'm quite lazy person, so that's pretty much the only way it could happen for me. Probably.

However, if you're not like me, not as lazy and are always keen to keep your mind fresh, updated with new information about digital marketing and alike, you should definitely check out the Online Marketing Summit San Diego 2013. The time is February 11-13, 2013. Exact schedules and registration info can be found at

During the summit there is going to be 40+ conference sessions and workshops. Among the speakers list are people from Intel, Microsoft, Sony, Salesforce, Infolinks. So if you're into digital marketing and everything related and are not too lazy to keep educating yourself, check them out.

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