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Predictions on B2B Tele-Services in 2015

2017-01-11 03:31:52

We are stepping into a newly invigorated economy in 2015. The business community is cautiously optimistic. They see on the horizon new legislation that could stimulate the economy. For example, the Keystone XL pipeline will likely get approval and create jobs, as well as potential tax reform, together with the release of company reserves could all be a boom to the economy. With that in mind, here are my predictions for tele-services in 2015:
  1. Use of Teleservices Will Increase

    As a result of a more robust economy, money will trickle down to marketing budgets. The first companies out of the gate, investing their dollars in action, will win the race. And companies can jumpstart their results by using tele-services for outbound calling, response handling and tele-nurturing.
    Other companies that provide little sustenance to their sales people in the race for sales will fall behind. If they sit on the sidelines and wait for prospects to find them, they'll only reach the low hanging fruit.
  2. Technology Will Transform Processes and Boost Results

    Those who fail to explore new technologies do so at their own risk. That's because technology is evolving to provide:
    • Greater prospect insights that enable tailored responses

      For example, you see when a contact opens your email, reads your documents, searches your website or visits your social media pages. These insights along with big data and analytics allow you to reach out to contacts with precision timing and frequency.
    • Time-saving efficiencies

      Auto dialers perform faster. Lists refresh in an instant. You can automate voice mail messages and follow-up emails. It all saves time.
  3. Abuse of Technology May Lead to Legislation

    Some people find the new technology invasive. They believe it oversteps the boundaries for privacy. Yes, I agree companies may use technology in a way that makes people feel uncomfortable. So it's critical to utilize the technology responsibly.
    I remember the days when auto dialers called people randomly and when you picked up the phone there was no one there. Or, the person who spoke to you struggled with the English language. Emails went to people who had opted-out previously, and phone calls interrupted dinner. Governments wrote legislation to control abuse of new technology. It still happens, of course, but laws have curtailed the onslaught of unwanted communication.
    I see new technology being a double-edged sword. I urge companies and individuals to use the new technology responsibly, so governments don't have to step in to control bad behavior.
  4. Sales Will Continue to Move Inside

    There will be a continued transition from field sales to inside sales and telesales. It's simply a more economical alternative. For every field sales person, you can have two inside sales people. If you're closing a $5,000 to $10,000 deal, you can do it on the phone, via email or on the Internet no travel time, airfares, hotels or meal expenses.
    The flip side of this is that you now need a higher caliber of sales person, someone who can handle the larger accounts. They may now have the title of Key Account Manager rather than Sales Manager. These sales people will visit with top clients, put on presentations, help them solve complex problems and do a little wining and dining.
  5. Campaigns Will Integrate Content with Intelligence

    We all know that our prospects and customers are doing much of their research without a sales person there to help them. They're happy to read e-books, watch videos, peruse infographics and more. As technology evolves, we'll know exactly how and where to integrate content and outbound teleservices into the sales cycle, making it more efficient than ever before.

Co-Founder and Chairwoman of 3D2B, Sabrina Ferraioli, has extensive international marketing and sales experience. Sabrina holds a Master's Degree in Advertising from New York Institute of Technology in New York City and is fluent in English and Italian. Before founding 3D2B, she was Account Director responsible for driving sales for global clients, such as HP, Oracle and Agilent Technologies, to over $120 million annually.

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