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Tool Measures Absolute Temperature Optically

2018-07-24 01:16:35

k-Space Associates, a company that has been supplying tools for monitoring thin-film deposition processes in manufacturing and research for almost three decades, developed an optically-based measurement and calibration tool that measures absolute temperature.

The tool, kSA SpectraTemp, can gauge absolute temperature without prior temperature calibration or knowledge of the material’s emissivity through the analysis of the spectral radiation profile. It can be used to measure the absolute temperature of a variety of materials, including semiconductor wafers, ceramics and metals. The kSA SpectraTemp can also be used to calibrate other temperature measurement devices, such as standard infrared pyrometers.

k-Space representatives will be at various conferences in September: ICMBE 2018, JSAP Fall Meeting, and NAMBE 2018.

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