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The type of service I want

2017-01-11 02:27:30

What is good service to you might not be as good to someone else, but there are some things we canb agree on.

Of course, when it comes down to proper services, there are different angles you need to take into account. Smiling, being friendly and at least leaving the impression that you're trying to do for your client whatever you can. Plus...some more.

I'm in Nice, France right now. Yesterday morning I was in a cafeteria near the train station for the second time this year. Okay, I've been there before but this was couple of years back. When I first arrived in Nice, I went to the cafeteria and ordered a big coffee, not a normal one but a big one.

So yesterday morning I went there again, sat down on the terrace, the bartender saw me from far away (okay, 5 meters) and he showed me with his hands (let's call it a sign language) that he'll bring me a big coffee...I nodded. Great service, isn't it? Rather personal and great. Not to even mention hell of a great memory.

This morning I sat down in this same cafeteria again, I waited a bit, nothing, and then 30 seconds later the bartender comes out with my big coffee. This time I didn't even need to see him before or order anything myself. He already knew what I wanted.

That's the type of service I want to experience every day and also offer to my own customers.

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