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Facebook ads for traffic? 4:1 to Facebook

2017-03-18 04:37:27

I thought I'd test out Facebook dirt-cheap ads, dirt-cheap meaning that they are from around the world, and most of the clicks you end up getting are from East-Timor, , Somalia, Nigeria, you get the point. So how did it go?

Well, there are positive things and negative things to mention.

The positive things

The main positive thing is that for $1.50 on one ad (still hasn't used the entire days's worth of $5), Facebook has sent me 311 clicks. On ad two, Facebook has sent me 136 clicks for $0.70. So if we look at those numbers and stick to them, life would be pretty beautiful. After all, who wouldn't want half a cent clicks, right? And no, I'm not gonna say Wrong! here, it's not that simple. As yes, one more thing, one of the two posts also got 17 likes, the other one four.

The negative things

There is one shitty thing and one piss-poor thing. The shitty thing is that, as you might have guessed, the Timor visitors don't really convert. The piss-poor thing is that out of the roughly 450 clicks I can see on my analytics (I'm using maximum of 150 views, out of which around 50 is just me cruising around the site. Which means that only one in four clicks actually make it to my site for one reason or another.

Final thought. Even though, after you divide the number of the clicks to your ad by four, or multiply the cost of your cost per click by four, you could say that it's still not bad. But there's two things again, like always. Firstly, like I said, the clicks that actually get the person to the site don't convert. And secondly, if you're like me and you're not promoting a product you're selling but rather content, even half a cent a click is actually too much to actually earn it back. Even though yes, if the click price is low enough, and you would directly earn back only 30% of what you put in, that would already make it worthwhile due to indirect benefits of the traffic. In my case it was roughly 0.5%.

But as it stands, Facebook dirt-cheap ads can be okay, but...are probably not. And whether you care about it or not, it will still piss you off that only 25% of the clicks actually make their way to see your site.

Final score, Facebook 4, me 1.

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