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sports people with business skills

5 Sports People Who Have Outstanding Business Skills

2017-01-11 04:30:24

Athletes who are talented both on the field and off the field are impressive. Many athletes majored in business at top universities while engaging in their sport of choice. These athletes have taken a leadership role in their communities and have made a difference in the business world. Here are some examples of how pro athletes have made impressive strides in business.

1. Gale Sayers

Gale Sayers is a former Chicago Bears player and also a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Not only has Sayers served as an Athletic Director for Southern Illinois University, but he also started philanthropic organizations. These organizations provide tutoring help for children and also adoption support. In addition to philanthropy, he started an IT company to help with computer and technology support.

2. Michael Jordan

It will be difficult to erase the memory of Michael Jordan in the minds of his fans. Not only was he a great athlete, but he was also a good business man. He endorsed and has a stake in the Air Jordan sneaker line. This was one of Nike's top sellers and still continues to sell even though he is not on the court playing. He also had the opportunity to star in Space Jam, and he owns the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team. Jordan also has his own professional motorcycle road racing team, and he introduced his own cologne to the public.

3. Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson Enterprises is worth $700 million. Within this company, he runs a chain of movie theaters and he has a movie studio. Magic Johnson is an impressive leader in the field of entertainment, and he focuses on the urban communities. Johnson also achieved many accolades such as NBA All-Star MVP with the Lakers, but his success as a business man is almost equally as impressive.

4. George Foreman

George Foreman was a major heavy weight boxing champion in the seventies. Now, more people know him as the household name responsible for the George Foreman grill. The George Foreman Enterprises, Inc. sells over 40 grills and cooking products. He also endorses numerous other products and makes a good living off the products and endorsements.

5. Venus Williams

Venus Williams is currently ranked third in singles and second in doubles in the world. She consistently earns multi-millions every year. She is the CEO of V Starr Interiors, and she has her own fashion line. Currently, Venus Williams is the part owner of the Miami Dolphins football team with her sister.

She also is the author of a new book "Come to Win," which was ranked fifth. After her $40 million contract with Reebok International, she was ranked fifth on the New York Times Best Sellers List. She was also ranked eighty-third on Forbes 2003 Celebrity Top 100 list.

Sportspeople With Outstanding Business Minds

These are just a few sportspeople who have surprised the world with their business skills. John Elway, Chris Webber, Tony Hawk, Nick Buoniconti and Ross Ohlendorf are just a few business people that have impressive business minds. Consider your favorite athlete's business endeavors the next time you are cheering on your favorite team.

Tony is an Entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia. He has had to start from nothing to work his way up in the business world and remembers the days when he worked from home and utilisedvirtual office servicesto give his business a more professional appearance. He says sports people are often very 'switched on' and easily make a successful transition into the world of business.

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