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Bad business examples

2017-01-11 04:36:54

Lately I have come across couple of bad business examples. In one case, the boss is a moron. In another cases, good business opportunities are just not used.

Case 1
I live in a country with the whole two months of summer every year, rest of the time it's pretty much bad winter weather. I might be exaggerating now, but stay with me. During those two months, it's pretty warm in here. Yet, shops don't seem to understand it, they don't seem to know what they need to have available during these months. Couple of weeks back we wanted to go and play some volleyball but our last volley net had gone missing. So we decided to get another one. We asked two sports shops and couple of other potential places where they *could* sell the nets, but nothing. The lady from one sports shop said that the volley stuff will arrive in the end of July. Pretty much the time when the weather is starting to go to hell. Where's the logic? They could make some good additional money if they did have the nets for sale. And that's just one example.

Case 2
Travel medicine. In the end of June I wanted to get a second shot for Hepatitis (no, I don't have it, but the second shot just to prevent from ever having it) and when I called them, they answered the first possible times are available sometimes in August. I might understand it if the health insurance would cover these costs as well. But no, these shots cost money, and in these days the doctors, the state, should grab on to everything they can. Add people to travel medicine offices if required, lose the ques. Make money. Everyone will be happy. But I guess that's too high math for some.

Case 3
A friend of mine had a summer job from where he was just fired. He was paid cash, the very minimum cash one would even be ready to accept. They had a deal with the boss that they'd be paid in the end of each week. Plus they'd also get a % of the sales. They worked in a beach selling beach balls and other equipment alike. As most of the clients were tourists, they didn't always have a place to store their big beach balloons or whatever else, so the workers tried to be helpful and were ready to keep the client's stuff overnight sometimes. As a result, the boss was pissed - "Who are you supposed to listen? To me? Or the customer." The right answer in the bosses mind was of course - HE, the almighty. After another similar case, they were fired. And the next morning he wanted to talk to his other employees as well, my friend included. After a short conversation, the employees yet not fired asked why the other employees were fired. The answer came as "why the fuck should you know what, you two get lost as well."

I haven't really heard about a boss worse than that. And what's more...the prices in his shop were very high anyway, which is understandable considering the location is beach and the time is summer. But his prices, well, they were even higher than you might expect from this type of thing. Plus he didn't have much of what people would have wanted to buy, he did have a lot of useless stuff. When the VAT was increased in in here by 2% in the beginning of July, he thought - oh well, the VAT is bigger now, let's add 20-30% to our prices. Make your own conclusions.

By the end of the day, you can see the absurdity of it all. But another thing you should see is that there are endless business opportunities for me, for you to think about and take advantage of. And if you already are or are thinking of becoming a boss for someone - don't be an ass. It doesn't pay off. Don't be a moron either, even though experience shows that moronic asses with enough energy and will power may sometimes succeed. Unfortunately.

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