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Training in the World of Pest Control

2019-05-14 05:09:04

On paper, the pest control industry seems pretty cut and dried; pests come in and technicians kick them back out. Far from pointing insects and rodents to the door, proper pest control is a very involved practice. The right equipment, knowledge and tools are necessary but they are useless without the right training. Instead of relying on manuals and paperwork alone, practical training makes for efficient service and expert results.

Properties Vs. Pets

Each property has its own unique attractants for pests. For example, damp spaces like basements or crawlspaces are perfect homes for silverfish, spiders and ants, while hotels are paradise for bed bugs. Most agencies are not limited to one particular property type, so this means being ready for anything. Trying to tackle a multi-unit building in the same way that you would treat a single, unattached house, won’t do much good. Established companies provide their employees with the right training to attack these intruders according to their individual vulnerabilities as well as treating surrounding areas.

Satisfying Safety Needs

The most commonly used tools for insect and rodent control are poison and chemical treatments. These harsh methods might be effective on creepy crawlers, but they can be dangerous to people and pets inside. In the wrong hands, these chemicals pose serious threats and that is what makes proper training, like WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System) extremely important. Theory, practical training and field experience are all combined in order to make pest control services as safe as possible.

Avoid Re-Infestation

Bugs are stubborn creatures and don’t always take no for an answer. Experienced and well-trained technicians will eliminate not only your current infestations, but will work toward preventing new ones as well. A trained eye knows what to look for in order to identify problem areas that might serve as entry points.

When searching out the right pest control professional for your home or workspace, it is okay to ask about training practices as they pertain to your service. Proper training, care and dedication make all the difference when it comes to lasting results and safe practice.

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