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four hour work week

Four-hour work week is good, or is it really?

2017-01-11 04:15:26

Okay, let's be honest, whenever we think about a four-hour work week, or even if it's two- or four-hour workdays we're thinking of, they sound rather good, don't they? Especially to those who have never had the chance to try it out. They work from nine to five and can't even imagine they could work that little. But at the same time, they want to get to that point. I mean, wouldn't you? It sounds like a perfect life, especially if right now you kind of hate your 9-5 work.

I must admit I haven't worked a day in my life from nine to five, now knowing the negatives of working very little, nine to five doesn't sound too bad to me anymore at all. True, I'm still avoiding it, but it really doesn't sound so bad at this point. So why? What might be the negative aspects of working...anywhere from 4 hours a week to four hours a day?

Obviously, chances are that if you can do it, you are not working for someone else, but for yourself. There are definitely exceptions to that, but I would think that's a rule. And often people who work so little, work in internet and often alone. So, going on from here, here are the main negatives of the "easy-flexible-working" schedule.

- You have too much free time. And free time costs money.
- You have too much free time. And it can be boring.
- You have too much free time. And as others don't, you need to fill it yourself, alone.
- You are working alone, so you don't really have many relationships during the day with other people.
- You are working just a little, but that might mean that sometimes you need to work at 6am or 11pm.
- You are working just a little, but that might mean that you don't get weekends free and even when you take a vacation, you might have to work during that as well. Even though it might be just an hour a day, you can't really afford to be 100% free of your work things even during the vacation.

These are just a few things that I can bring out from my own experience, some things that I have noticed from my own life. True, it might be just me. But many of those things might apply for many other non-nine-to-five people who are working for themselves as well.

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