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setting examples

We're not setting examples, we're being true to who we are

2017-01-11 04:05:49

There are loads and loads of people out there who are cursing the celebrities, the politicians, parents, the garbage men (okay, maybe not, but...) for setting bad examples to children, youth and humanity in general. They say that people with any influence should always act as if someone is watching and learning from them. They should keep that in mind because they are followed, because they are read about, because they are cared about and copied. Really?

Even if we do agree with the statement that known, popular or people just closest to us are setting an example for us, what example exactly are they setting if they start acting based on how other people think they should be acting? Is it a good example to say to people that you shouldn't care about your own personality, your own needs, your own being but rather think about what others might be thinking of you? As a business brand, that might be helpful. But as a business person, as an individual, in my opinion that's pretty much the worst thing you can do.

In my opinion, we're not setting examples, we're being true to who we are. And if we set examples by being true to who we are by accident, whether positive examples or negative ones, in my opinion, that's all good.

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